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You can now download these iPhone Apps for free!

If you act quickly enough you will be able to get these apps absolutely free. They are paid iPad and iPhone apps that have been made available for free but only for a limited time.



This is a fun and colorful puzzle game that normally costs $0.99 but is currently on sale for free. It is a beautiful puzzle game that features 240 handmade levels each of which is made of only two colors.

I.Q. Test


This app is also fun. You can use it to test your I.Q. It provides tests with solutions. The tests are intended for entertainment purposes only. The I.Q. is derived from several standardized tests that are designed to assess intelligence. The app normally costs $2.99.



As the name implies, this app is the most personalized sleep and relaxation experience you will ever have. Its intuitive interface allows you to create a very unique and personalized ambience to suit your personal needs. You can create seaside beach sounds, rain and thunder sounds, underwater sounds, forest and water stream sounds, and many more. The app normally costs $2.99.

Call a Taxi PRO


This app will help you find a taxi in the shortest time possible whenever you need a taxi wherever you are in the world. Just in 2 clicks you will be connected to the closest taxi company in your current location. This app normally goes for $2.99.

Track Me Plus


This is a very expensive app that normally goes for $39.99 but is now absolutely free if you hurry. It has everything you could need when travelling.

Drop Out Adventures


This app normally costs $4.99 but is now available for free download for a limited time. Drop Out Adventures is a game that uses physics-based functions like gravity, collision and friction to deliver a fantastic gaming experience. It lets you travel through various environments too rescue your little friends.

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