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YouTube joins Netflix in calling out poor ISP speeds

Netflix recently added a feature to their service, detailing users whenever their ISP was slowing data down. YouTube has jumped on the chance to join Netflix in the shaming, adding the same feature into their own service.

Videos that take a long time to load or stop mid-way through will prompt the “Experiencing interruptions?” message, when clicked the link it will take them to separate page, showing them the quality of their service and others in the area.

YouTube claims this is put in only to educate users on why their videos aren’t loading appropriately, not to shame ISPs. All the same, lacklustre networks will try to crack down on this, but Google is a harder giant than Netflix and might not budge.


Verizon previously called for a cease and desist on Netflix’s shaming and the video streaming service has since removed the ISP speed notifier, although they did say it might come back with a larger pool of ISPs to monitor.

YouTube, Netflix and others have previously categorised different ISP networks in the U.S. to show users the data speeds and different issues with the service provider. This is the first time they have actively added the functionality into the video player, allowing users to check it out.

We expect this will get a lot of attention, YouTube is often called out for slow video speeds, but this might not be Google’s fault. If ISPs fail to load videos fast enough, users might call them out more and more for the issues.

YouTube has recently implemented 2K and 4K video rendering, but hardly any channels offer videos in that format. The 1080p format is the best most channels offer, although some only offer videos in 720p to avoid lag and issues with loading times.

In the near future, if ISP speeds get better, it might be possible to load video in 2K without any lag. We have already seen evidence of Google Fiber being capable of loading 4K video in under a second.

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