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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus set ‘Gold Standard’ in photo and video quality tests

In photo and video quality tests, the iPhone 6 models beat Nokia, Sony and Samsung hands down.

The models are the new champions on a French optical lab’s test of photo and video quality, pushing Samsung Galaxy S5 to the third place.


The DxO Labs said in the DxOMark scores released Tuesday that Apple has set the “gold standard for smartphone image quality”
The models scored 82 on a scale where Sony’s Xperia Z2 and Z3, and the GS5 all scored 79.

DxO Labs bases it scores on color reproduction, exposure, autofocus, contrast, texture preservation, noise and other attributes for both video and still photos.


“They have very good, generally reliable auto-exposure in a wide range of lighting conditions, and they have both fast and accurate autofocus. Output from the 8MP stills improves the high level of detail in both outdoor and indoor lighting.

In low light, noise reduction is handled well with images revealing fine-grained luminance noise,” DxO Labs concluded.


The assessment of image quality has become very important given the weight people have placed on taking photos using smartphones. It is not like in the past when people only used phones for making calls.

People now want to capture great moments of their history, and with the Internet aiding in social media interactions through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc, photos have become part of our routine daily communication tools.


The iPhone models have the same image sensor, but the iPhone 6 Plus has optical stabilization that can correct some camera shakes. This improves HDR images combining multiple exposures into a single shot and helping in smoothing videos taken while walking.

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