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IPhone 6 Don’t Just Bend, It Also Burns

After iPhone 6’s #Bendgate scandal, a new issue erupts as American Phillip Lechter claimed that his device didn’t just bend, but also burst in his pocket, causing second-degree burns.

According to reports, his iPhone 6 burst into flames during an accident while he was travelling with his wife and young son in a rickshaw.iPhone-fire

Fortunately, no one was badly injured in the rickshaw incident. However, Mr. Lechter was thrown out of the vehicle and immediately felt a burning sensation on his leg. After that, he smelled smoke coming from his pants.

A passer-by subdued the flame by throwing ice on the burning device, which was an iPhone 6. His legs were treated for second degree burns.

Even Lechter couldn’t believe what happened. He said it was a surreal experience.

Besides #Bendgate, iPhone 6 also had an issue with catching hair called #Hairgate, where a gap in the device catches the users’ hair and beard.iphone-6-catches-fire

Now, news of the device catching fire is trending online. This may be the first report of an iPhone 6 catching fire, but mobile phones and gadgets flaming up are not a very rare thing.

Samsung Galaxy S4 had its share of controversies, when the device owned by a teenage girl burst into flames. Samsung replaced the phone and the burnt bed sheet.

Apple hasn’t released a statement on what they will do for Lechter yet.

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