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It is now confirmed, Microsoft’s Windows event will take place on September 30th

Rumors have been doing rounds concerning the specific date for the long awaited Microsoft’s big event, but finally Microsoft has settled on September 30th.

The event which is to take place in San Francisco is expected to include a release of the technical preview of Windows 9.


Windows 9 will replace the Windows 8.x operating system that was released in 2012 alongside the Surface line of tablets.

The preview of the updated version of Windows RT which may include Windows Phone components will have to wait until early 2015. But that information does not have as much weight as the Windows 9 itself.

There has been a number of leaks concerning Windows 9, with some videos showing the new Start Menu functionality, and a number of business-enhancing features such as virtual desktop.


The technical preview of the Windows 9 is expected to be more focused on developers and enterprise customers, than consumers because it is the first released build. So you won’t be shown or be able to use some of what Microsoft has built for the common man.

Microsoft seems to be working on its desktop use interface to flatten and improve the traditional icons accompanied by some task bar changes for future virtual desktops and Cortana integration.


Additional changes will be pushed regularly to Windows Technical Preview users until the operating system will be complete and ready for release in 2015. And there are more UI changes to the desktop expected from Microsoft.


Microsoft has started emailing out invites to the event. Terry Myerson and Joe Belfiore will be leading a discussion around the future of Windows. This event will mainly focus on enterprise and power users of Windows.

Let’s wait until September 30th, just stay tuned for much more information about the future of Windows.

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