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Leap Motion Makes You Feel To Be Part Of The Game

How would you feel if you could use your hands to control a game? That’s exactly what Leap Motion enables you to do. Last week Leap Motion announced a VR headset developer mount for Oculus Rift and a new API that will together achieve this feat. This is great news to hardcore gamers.


The API works by feeding raw infrared imagery straight from the Leap’s sensors to the controller on the headset. It expands the tracking space to any direction the gamer is facing.

The main advantage of the API is that its field of view exceeds that of the existing virtual reality displays so you can track your hands before you come into your field of vision. This will effectively expand your peripheral vision with the headset on. The mount is available from the company online for $20. It lets devs attach and remove the Leap Motion controller from a virtual reality headset.


According to Lewis Ward, the research director for gaming at IDC, the API closes the gap between Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus and now Oculus is at per or surpasses what Sony is able to do with Morpheus.

Up to now Oculus could not let users know where their hands are but Morpheus VR headset is able to do this.


“It is essential that if you are going to an immersive VR experience, you have to have your hands in there and being represented in real time,” Lewis told TechNewsWorld.

Gamers will like this because it eliminates the need for a handheld controller. The only challenge it faces is that there’s a lot of bulky equipment to put on if you want to use it. But that is a little sacrifice for what you get. Imagine for example, being able to grab onto a virtual object without any intermediary. Natural hand motions are brought into the game via the API.


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