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LG promises to “define the smartwatch” with G Watch

LG has made another promo video for the G Watch, their first wearable running Android Wear. The smartwatch will be announced in Summer 2014 and the new video shows off all the important features coming.

There is no standout feature that really feels like a killer, apart from the software, Android Wear, which is being developed by Google specifically for wearable devices. The LG G Watch has a few notable features, however.

The design of the watch is similar to most digital watches, with a rectangular screen instead of circular. The watch-face will be metal with a thin plastic band, giving the LG G Watch a solid feel and it will still be lightweight.

What is more interesting is the LG G Watch will be “waterproof” according to the video. The term waterproof can be taken one of two ways, either it is water resistant which means it can be submerged in water to a certain point or its fully waterproof and can take a hammering of water and still be functional.

We expect the former from LG, considering almost no electronic device from LG or any mobile manufacturer is actually waterproof. The smartwatch doesn’t have any ports or plugs, this could be a sign that wireless charging will be supported.

Speaking of charging, the promo video says the LG G Watch will be ready for anything in a single charge. The animation shows energy going into the smartwatch, further pushing the idea of wireless charging.

Android Wear will be released in Summer 2014, possibly at Google I/O in June. Manufacturers who are Android mobile partners already have had a chance to work on the platform, building their own smartwatches for the new SDK.

The LG G Watch still doesn’t have a price, although we heard it will be available for cheaper than the Moto 360 and other popular smartwatches on the market right now.

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