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Logitech’s Bluetooth Multi-Device K480 Keyboard

The Logitech’s K480 keyboard is able to connect to three different Bluetooth wireless devices at once. So if you have a tablet, a computer and a smartphone you can get all of them connected at ago.


The keyboard goes for $50 and it has been billed as the first desk keyboard that is designed for use with up to three devices regardless of computing platform.


It is platform agnostic and connects to three Bluetooth wireless devices at once. It doesn’t matter whether they are Mac, Windows or Chrome OS computers, or Windows, Android, and iOS smartphones or tablets.


If you want to switch between devices, simply turn the “Easy-Switch” dial to your desired device and start typing. It is very easy to use and is similar to the previous Easy-Switch Logitech keyboards like the K760 or the K810.


The keyboard ships to US and Europe this month. It comes with an integrated stand for tablets and smartphones.


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