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Lumix Camera Phone With Large Sensor Launched by Panasonic

Panasonic launched its hybrid camera-smartphone at the Photokina trade show in Cologne. The camera has big lens ands sensor making it to be one of the thickest smartphones on the market.


The Android device has a 1-inch, 20MP sensor which is mainly found in Panasonic’s dedicated cameras, and a Leica lens. It will be able to shoot ultra-high definition video and take photos in low-light conditions, thanks to this sensor.


This camera will go on sale towards the end of this year in Germany and France. The phone will cost 900 euros when it will go on sale.

The Lumix DMC-CM1 is widely seen as a rival to Samsung’s Galaxy K Zoom which also has large built-in lens.

CM1 is 21mm thick because of the lens and its metal ring which are used to control aperture and shutter. It is therefore thicker than contemporary smartphones.


It has a dedicated switch that instantly flips it into camera mode and an 11.9-cm touchscreen. Most of the reviewers say it is a very impressive device that they have never seen before, more so because it combines the functions of a camera and those of a smartphone – two devices n one.


This means if you are travelling, you will no longer need to carry a camera and a smartphone separately if you own this device.

But some critics disagree. For example Marc Flores of Tech Radar says hybrid have never satisfied anybody.

Marc says they had tried it before but it didn’t work so well. He added that anyone looking a good camera should just buy a dedicated device.


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