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Mac Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

You have a Mac and that Apple logo makes you look really cool. But you probably don’t know much about the features of your Mac.

Here are some secret features in your Mac that you probably don’t know about:

  • Hold down the Command key, your shift and 4 to change the arrow icon to a cross hair. This allows you to outline the part of your screen you want to capture for your screen shot. Finally, press spacebar to capture the image.


  • Press Command, Option and D to hide your dock and press them again to bring it back.


  • For using Mac OSX Lion version and earlier, hold down Command, Option, Control, and 8 to change the display on your screen. This was originally created to help those who are visually impaired.


  • If you have opened too many apps, you can hold and press the tab, which allows you to cycle through all of them. Press Q to quit an app and H to minimize the application screen.


  • You can search for files conveniently by pressing Command and Spacebar, which will bring up Apple’s Spotlight. This feature can also help you do basic math. This is very helpful if you are counting all that money from your online business. Simply type any math formula in the search bar to get the answer.


  • If you pride yourself as a genius because you like your files cluttered, you still might need to organize your desktop sometimes. Highlight all the files that clutters your desktop, right click these files and select “New Folder With Selection” to put them all in one folder conveniently.


  • If you have a Mac OSX version 10.6 or an earlier one, you can make the Expose app work in slow motion. Just hold “Shift” and then press your Expose key, which may be your F9, F10, or F11. You can use this to make your window switching less abrupt.


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