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Making Good Use Of The Unpopular Emoji

Emoji are those smileys or ideograms that are used in Japanese WebPages and electronic messages; their use is now spreading outside Japan. Emoji means “Picture” plus “character”.

Some emoji like the smiley faces, various anthropomorphic cats and hearts are very popular, but there are some that are hidden in the pages of useless keyboards. Their meaning or uses are not clear.

Here we present to you these unpopular emoji and how you can made good use them:

Left Luggage
This symbolizes the area where you can pick up luggage that you left behind in a hotel or airport.


It is easy to see yet and use yet it is very unpopular. You can use it to remind a friend that he/she left something at your place. Or if you are the forgetful one, you can send it to a friend to remind them that they have your stuff.

Vibration Mode
This one symbolizes your phone’s vibration mode, but it’s difficult to tell from its appearance alone.


You can use it to tell people you love your phone and also to heat things up with the apple of your smartphone.

The two letters of this emoji represent “clear” button on a device. Those are the only letters in a box. You can adapt it to mean “closed” to mean cancelled or ruined plans.


Outbox Tray
This email outbox emoji is very intuitive unlike its lonely counterparts. It is a good stand-in for verbs and nouns and is also adaptable to various situations.


You can use it to tell someone that you have sent the email they are asking for. You can also use it to tell someone you have been busy sending emails by sending them a series of alternating inbox/outbox icons.

Slot Machine
This is easy to figure out but difficult to use. You can use it whenever you get lucky; just send to someone to show them you have hit some luck.


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