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Meet Dronies, The Worlds Tiniest Autonomous Flying Machines

These flying quad copters can fly and move in formation while dancing in sync with music played by a base station, a smartphone.


They are the world’s first production level autonomous dancing drones. Thy flock together autonomously and do not need external sensors or GPS on-board. Drovionics say that “it is imperative that drones can operate independent(ly) of continuous human supervision”.

The creators of these machines intend this to be the first step in developing the core technologies to “humanize” civilian drones. The drones are capable of indoor formation flying without the aid of any infrared onboard sensors or any external sensors.

It is an attempt to humanize drones enabling them to navigate indoor spaces and carry payloads. The drones have several features that will appeal to you if you want to use them for fun. They wear headphones and sunglasses, have a smile and above all, they are very cute.

They fly together alongside humans and are a must-have for many industries. They can be used to deliver parcels, track and follows a person wherever they go, and even to aerially inspect damage to buildings and pipelines.

They are intended to form part of the evolutionary path towards collision free self-navigation flights that enable the drone to fly independently.

These flying quad copters have a 2.4GHz transmitter strength that extends up to 30 meters, with a recommended dancing distance from the controller of between 2 to 10 meters.


You can choose to manually choreograph the dancing and control their flight if you are an experienced radio control pilot who is skilled at 6-axis aerial acrobatics.

You can also choreograph your own dance moves, and share it with your social network. The slightest body alteration may affect their balance and interfere with their flying.

The project has already raised over a third of its $10,000 target which will enable it to move to the next stage of its development.

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