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Meet Dyson 360 Eye, a Robot Vacuum cleaner

Dyson, a British engineering company has announced its first robot vacuum cleaner. They did this at an even in Tokyo, Japan. The manufacturers said the robot has more suction power and is better at sporting dirt, thanks to its unique 360 degree camera system.


Will Findlater who covers technology for Stuff magazine said if the robot works as Dyson claims then it could be the robot vacuum cleaner to get mainstream market penetration. He said that up to now, robot vacuums have been objects of geek affection.

“Certainly our experience of the competitors has been that they may do more on the robotics side of things than they do on the rather important business of cleaning your floors,” he said.


The machine is expected in Japan market in the first quarter of 2015 and then elsewhere later in the year.

Dyson had shown another robot, the DC06, in 2001 but it cancelled this project a few years later presumably because of its high price.

Dyson says this vacuum robot uses strong and efficient motors unlike other robot vacuum robots. It uses a V2 digital motor that is found in other handheld vacuum cleaners and combines this with a brush bar covering the full length of the machine. Other vacuum cleaners rely on side sweepers.

Nick Schneider, a designer at the company told BBC that they have been developing for a number of years some of the powerful and smallest digital motors available. He said getting this right has enabled them to give the machine a very powerful suction, so it can have a high performance clean.

They have also developed a vision system that enables the machine to be very methodical in its clean and not miss sections of floor space. It is fitted with a panoramic lens that captures 360-degree views at 30fps.

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