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Meet TROBO a Storytelling Toy Robot

Telling stories to kids is very important for their learning. Some parents take it upon themselves to do this while others, due to their busy schedule, ignore this important activity. But now you can sit pretty and let a robot do this for you, thanks to TROBO.


TROBO is a robot that not only tells stories to kids but also teaches them mathematics and science. This is something that should not miss in your house.

TROBO works alongside an iPad app to help get your kids exited about mathematics, engineering, science and technology.


Through games, stories and quizzes, the robot will tap into your kid’s natural curiosity about the world around them to help teach them about chemistry, physics, biology, the Internet, 3D printing, rockets, mechanics, engineering, etc.

The toy was developed by two dads, Jeremy Scheinberg and Chris Harden, both from Orlando. Jeremy Scheinberg is a University of Pennsylvania engineering graduate who has worked on rides and shows for NBC, while Chris Harden is a former Development Director with EA Sports.


Harden explains that the idea of TROBO came to them after they had kids and began to think about how everything in the world affected their children.

He says that when Jeremy witnessed his daughter Sophia spending hours learning to be a princess, he was moved to come up with something that is more foundational for her future. Jeremy wanted to share his love of learning engineering and technology with his daughter, Harden adds.

Harden himself had similar experience with his daughter, Asher who he says spends most of her time with Hot Wheels cars and mindlessly watching cars on YouTube.


The two are now raising funds on Kickstarter to begin manufacturing the toys, run safety tests and complete the app development. They want to raise a total of $60,000. So far they have raised $25,000 with 17 days to go.

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