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MicroBlink Has Launched PhotoMath, an App to Help You Solve Math Equations

At the TechCruch Disrupt Europe in London, a group launched a powerful app that can help in solving mathematics equations.

This app will come in handy to all those who are trying to solve difficult math equations. All it requires is for one to open the app in their phone, point the camera at the text book, snap a picture of the problem, and then wait to get detailed instructions on how to solve the equation.

MicroBlink, the company behind the app, has been developing a powerful engine for mobile phone cameras for the past two years. It is in the business of selling its core technology to companies that might find it useful. They are not an educational company but they are promoting their machine vision technology with PhotoMath.

MicroBlink had also worked on PhotoPay which is a service which a service that helps to simplify bill payments. Using PhotoPay, you just need to scan the paper bill once you receive it and your bank will automatically pay it on your behalf. MicroBlink has already licensed PhotoPay to fourteen banks in Europe.


Text recognition has many advantages. For one, it works in real time which means that you will get instant feedback. It also accurate since it eliminates human errors. Lastly, the startup provides ready-to-use SDKs for particular use cases, such as bill payments or equation solving.

The developers say they started the work three years ago and the technology is now mature enough. They are now focused on growth and product updates.

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