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Microsoft Designs A Universal Keyboard That Will Work With Almost Any Device

The new Microsoft’s universal mobile keyboard will work with just about any mobile device, the operating system notwithstanding.

Microsoft says it is designed to work with Android and iOS devices and Windows phones and tablets.


Suzanne Choney of Microsoft New Center says: “It is common for people to carry multiple mobile devices and use the one that is best suited for the specific scenario they’re in.”

But the Universal Mobile Keyboard will allow you to select which mobile operating system you are using at a time. It has an OS switch and features chiclet style keys giving it a feel of a laptop keyboard.

Here’s how the Universal Keyboard works:
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It also has a cmd key that’s found on Macintosh keyboards and an Android Home button. . There is no Windows key on the device, though.

The keyboard turns on when its protective cover is opened and goes off when it is closed. It connects to the mobile device that you have via Bluetooth connection.


The keyboard is less than half-inch thick when it is folded. When opened, it measures just more than 4 inches from the top rows of keys to the bottom. Its length is 9.53 inches.

The keyboard has a battery life of up to six months when it is fully charged (for about 12 hours). A 10-minute charge can run it for up to 8 hours. The Universal Mobile Keyboard will be available in October and will sell for just less than $80.

It will be available for purchase at the Microsoft Store and at some retailers.


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