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Microsoft Suspends Chinese Launch Of Xbox One Console

Microsoft has cancelled it much anticipated launch of the Xbox One in China. This happened just two days before it was due to take place.

The console was expected to be launched and officially go on sale in China on September, 23.


Up to now, Microsoft has not given any reason for the cancellation neither has it given another date for the launch.

The three giants, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are gearing up to enter the Chinese market after a ban on foreign consoles was lifted in January. The ban has lasted for 14 years.


On lifting the ban, China said anyone wishing to sell consoles in the country must team up with a local manufacturer to make the gadgets locally. Sony struck a deal with Shanghai Oriental Pearl which Microsoft signed up with BesTV.

A statement from Microsoft given to games industry news site CVG said despite the strong and steady progress, they are going to need a bit more time to deliver the best experiences possible to their Chinese fans.

Xbox One-623-80.jpg

The statement however added that the launch will take place before the end of this year.

Those who preordered the console and were expecting to receive it would get an added bonus. That’s according to Enwei Xie, the Microsoft’s general manager in China.

The console is expected to cost $600 (3,699 yuan, £370) without the Kinect motion detector, but will cost a little bit higher with it.

The launch titles were expected to include Zoo Tycoon and Max (The Curse of Brotherhood) and Forza Motorsport.


Microsoft is currently under investigation by Chinese authorities who have accused it of violating its anti-trust laws.

This cancellation by Microsoft might mean that Sony will be the first to launch a console in the country though it has also not announced the launching date for its PlayStation 4.

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