Mind-reading computers on the way!

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Last Updated: Jan 18, 2016

Technology is developing so fast as human being strive to make work as easy for them as possible. This is not limited to physical activity only but even to mental activity.

Mind-reading computers would rely on your brain activity to effect your desired actions.
A good example is the Muse headband that can help teach you how to soothe your overactive mind by measuring your brain activity.
Inside the headband are five very sensitive sensors that are able to measure your brain waves and then teach you how to reduce stress. It uses an app called Calm to achieve this.

Muse is one of the first commercially available gadgets to integrate brain activity into our devices.
It is an early step towards the mind-reading computer technology that will involve the ability to control objects using only your thoughts.
Imagine a situation where you can control your car stereo, game console, lights in your house, your phone, your computer, etc just by using your thoughts!

Muse is a $300 EGG monitor that you can slip over your forehead and behind your ears snuggly to monitor your brain activity. The Bluetooth-connected gadget needs to pick the small electrical signals coming from your gray matter through your skin.

It has to fit snuggly otherwise a facial movement or an eye blink would create too much noise that would render it ineffective.

First the app needs to calibrate your brain then you go through a breathing exercise of 3 to 12 minutes while it plays audio of waves lapping against the shore while displaying a beach scene.

The gadget has a scoring system that gives you points; the calmer you are the more points you get. If you are calm, your brain will generate more low-frequency delta and theta waves.
When the calibration session is over, Calm will display a number of charts and graphs showing your brain activity. And once your points reach 5,000 the app will unlock for you new ways through which you can explore your data and learn more about how your brain works.

The main aim of the gadget is to help you reduce stress and to achieve this is the main reason it has been designed as a game. So, as you gather the points, you move towards a stress-free and mindful lifestyle. And you don’t need to wear it all the time or necessarily in public. Just put it on for a few minutes during the day and that will be enough.

Another technology that is moving us towards mind-reading computers has been referred to as mind craft. This technology is not all that new. It has been used to train nuclear engineers, astronauts and even professional athletes.

It has also been used in schools and clinics to increase the attention span of kids with ADHD.
The new feature that is being introduced in this technology is to use the brain signals to control gadgets. For example, in 2012 engineers built a beer tap that you can turn on and off with your mind.
More are still to come and soon you will be able to control most of the gadgets in your room while comfortably sitting in your sofa.

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