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Monitor your sleep without wearing any tracker

Why would you bother to monitor your sleeping habit? Experts say your sleeping habit can affect you health. To maintain a healthy lifestyle you must get between 7½ and 8 hours of sleep every night. And your sleep cycle should be consistent otherwise you can have mental fatigue.

You should not sleep for a very long time neither should you sleep for a very short time; these two extremes have negative effect on your health.

There are many gadgets that you can use to monitor your sleeping habits, but a new one called Sense launched by Hello does not require you to wear anything while you are in bed, you just need to put it on your nightstand. This is an improvement over the wristband devices which are a great bother when you are sleeping.

In addition to tracking your sleeping habits it can also track the environment around you while you are sleeping. Sense will track elements such as light, temperature, humidity, noise and particles in the air that can provoke allergies.

The gadget will indicate to you when the condition in your bedroom is right for sleep by glowing green.

It comes with a tiny tracker called the “Sleep Pill” which you can clip onto your pillow to act as a secondary monitor. The Sleep Pill works with the Sensor and it has an accelerometer to measure your vibrations and a gyroscope to measure your orientation. You can also use it on your partner’s pillow if their snoring and movements are keeping you awake.

The Sleep Pill can last for up to a year on single charge and can endure the washing machine.

Sense comes in charcoal black or silk while for user to choose from. It is Bluetooth enabled and connects to an iOS or Android app where the data is process to gauge how you slept. It will give you a sleep-score from 0 to 100 depending on how you slept.

The scoring system factors in interruptions and any factor that can boost your sleep; interruptions will lower your score, while the factors that boost your sleep will increase your score.

The scoring system factors in these interruptions; in the truck’s case, it would drop the score by 20 points.

But other factors can boost your ranking, too. Sleeping in a pitch black room could earn you 10 points. Ultimately, the goal is to identify key problem patterns and help you fix them. It also offers a sound playback function that can help you determine what woke you up. When you play back the sound, you will be able to tell what exactly it was.

For those who like to sleep with a background noise, Sense comes with a speaker that can help you to do this. Whatever type of noise will help you sleep better, you can set it on this device.

It also has an alarm that can help you in waking up at the exact time that you want.
This gadget helps you to keep the track of almost everything that happened during the course of your sleep so that you can improve on them in future.

If your sleep-score is low, determine the cause from the data transmitted by the gadget plus the play-back of sounds then try to eliminate all the elements that reduced your sleep score.

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