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Motorola develops new app to alert close contacts in an emergency

Phones have become invaluable tools for emergencies, the GPS inside the device offers a way for friends and services to find your exact location and this has also been used to stop thieves who steal electronic devices.

Motorola has added a new tool to the Moto E, allowing users to send emergency alerts to close contacts. The app, named Motorola Alert, offers three different options: “Meet Me,” “Follow Me,” and Emergency.

Meet Me allows the user to set a place to meet one or a few contacts and can be used as a way to set up meetings. Follow Me is an odd one, it allows close contacts to see the movements of the user and follow them.

Follow Me could be used when going on a road-trip, allowing one person to stay in front and the others to follow with GPS tracking the smartphone. It still seems a bit unorthodox, especially when GPS offers this functionality.

Emergency is obviously for serious problems, even though it is better to call an emergency service, sometimes making sure friends and family know what is happening can avoid confusion and make sure they know what has happened.

When the user clicks on emergency, it will send alerts to close contacts about the location and what has happened. It might be a bit confusing for people that haven’t been told they are on the close contacts list to begin with, although the alerts appear to be straight to the point.

Motorola has been developing simple apps for Android for some time now, including Moto Assist, Active Display and other nice touches to make the OS different but look the same as stock Android.

For the most part, these have been welcome updates and we are sure users of the Moto X, E and G will all be getting Motorola Alert in the coming weeks.

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