MyCleanPc Review: Does It Boost Your Computer Performance

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Last Updated: Sep 23, 2016

MyCleanPc is programmed software that works to install and scan your computer for any viruses with an aim of cleaning the viruses. This program comes with a 100% free diagnosis which will help scan your computer for any issues that might be causing slow performances, instability or even crashing. MyCleanPC, downloaded right over the internet is a PC Optimization tool that will always strive to repair any issues on your computer it finds. These issues may be affecting your computer’s performance, speed or how well your system generally works. MyCleanPc is intended to diagnose your PC and identify problems or threats which in most cases it aims to eliminate. You simply need to purchase and activate this cleaner software to detect and repair issues on your PC that may be affecting performance and speed.

This online software cleaner can be purchased from its official website at $19.99

Manufacturer information and claims about MyCleanPc


MyCleanPc is software manufactured by a company called Cyber Defender. This company claims that MyCleanPc is intended to diagnose your computer and immediately identify threats or errors which could simply be eliminated by this online software cleaner after its purchase and activation. Cyber Defender claims to have a Cyber Defender Early Detection Center download that includes free Anti-virus which requires no payment and will always remain active so long as the software remains uninstalled. This company also claims that the improvement of computer performance may in most cases vary depending on the software you are using and other multiple factors which is not within their control. This company will not cure or treat anything before you purchase the software first as it only offers you with free scanning.

How MyCleanPc works

This cleaner type software scans your computer after it is installed. After the scan is finished, it displays you a screen showing errors on your computer. It discovers errors by searching for empty registry keys among other things and displays each and every empty registry key as a threat. These empty registry keys in the registry would technically slow down your computer in a bit and thus removing them would slightly increase the speed of the computer. After scanning you will be given an option to purchase the software and this is completed by purchasing an activation code online. This code will enable you to activate your software and immediately begin sorting out issues with your computer that may be causing slow performance and crashes.

What makes up MyCleanPc?

MyCleanPc is software that cleans up viruses from your computer which affects its speed and overall functioning. There is no information from its official website that purports to mention whatever it constitutes.

Advantages of MyCleanPc

  • MyCleanPc boosts your computer performance
  • The software download happens online so it saves you any shipping costs
  • This software is easy to use
  • MyCleanPc easily finds issues with your computer performance in a short time period
  • As soon as you activate your software, you can just start repairing your PC issues
  • It helps to easily remove viruses, spyware and other online threats
  • The diagnosis portion of this software cleaner is absolutely 100%

Drawbacks of using MyCleanPc

  • You have to make a call to the providers to download the programmed
  • Most customer reviews give negative comments about the software
  • Little information about the software is provided on its official website
  • The software automatically renews every year for $19.99
  • Most customer reviews complain of substandard customer service
  • MyCleanPc is not certified with the ICSA Labs company for product compliance and performance

How to use MyCleanPc

You only need to follow the following three simple steps to get a cleaner computer with effective functioning and effectiveness within the shortest time possible.

1. Download
Simply download and install this online cleaner software diagnosis in minutes

2. Diagnose
To find out what may be slowing down your computer, you need to run a diagnosis which is free of charge

3. Speed up your PC
Whatever remains is to optimize your computers performance and for this you need to activate the software by purchasing it online for only $19.99

Final Verdict

In as much as you may need your computer to be virus free within minutes, it is always advisable to carry out an extensive research on the most effective software for that matter, MyCleanPc may be appropriate but then according to its reviews, most users complain of unreliability of the software and its poor performance. In fact there are many reasons as to why a computer could be slow and most of them could easily be solved without the help of any software at all. So when it comes to using any software cleaner like MyCleanerPc, the choice lies within you as the user.

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