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Nanowire new fingerprint technology impossible to replicate

Researchers at Korea Advanced Institute of Science have been working on new Nanowire technology, creating a new type of virtual “fingerprint” is created through multicolored nanowires into a plastic film, dropped to create a naturally random fingerprint every time.

The amount of possibilities the new Nanowire brings, even in huge quantities, is enough to ensure each fingerprint will be different. The Nanowires are small enough to not be seen by the human eye, making them incredibly hard, if not impossible, to replicate. An optical fluorescence microscope would be needed to see the Nanowires properly.

All of these patterns, in theory, could be stored on a database under a digital barcode, to keep storage space to a minimum. This new Nanowire technology could be a breakthrough in fraud prevention, making sure money, credit cards and designer fashion is not fraudulent material.

There is an obvious flaw in the Nanowire system, if someone really wanted to make a fraudulent piece, they would only have to sit under a microscope for a few days making sure the Nanowire pattern looks identical to the actual one. This is where the secure part comes in – nobody has the time or energy to actually do this, because the risk is not worth the reward.

Every new type of security has an intense amount of scrutiny to make sure it is fully secure, cryptocurrency is another example to pull up, being an anonymous currency, it does bring the potential to be extremely detrimental in its design, but that is what makes it so secure.

We doubt Nanowires will be used for just this new fraud prevention, researchers around the globe are working on ways to infuse Nanowires into their products and ideas.

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