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NASA introduces suit to Mars

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has showcased possible features of the space suit that astronauts will wear in their future voyage to Mars.

Nasa recently presented the Z-2 spacesuit. This spacesuit is only a prototype, but its features will be used for the real deal that will be worn by humans on the first trip to the Red Planet.

The suit features light-emitting patches with luminescent wire to allow individuals to be identifiable.

There were three designs that were voted on by 233,431 people. The three designs were the “technology,” the “bio-mimicry” suit, and the “trends in society” suit. The “technology” design was chosen by the majority with 65% of votes.

The “bio-mimicry” suit has a bioluminescence based on aquatic creatures that comes along with strong scaly reptile –like skin, while the “trend in society” suit is based on what people would be wearing their daily lives in the future.

NASA will use 3D laser scans and 3D-printed parts in building the Z-2 to make sure that every suit will fit the astronauts properly.

The suit will be tested at NASA’s training pool, vacuum chambers and on a site that has the same surface as the Red Planet.

Z-2’s predecessor, Z-1 was released in 2012 and it has a spitting image of the Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear. This was recognized by the Time magazine as the one of the year’s best innovations.

According to NASA, every version of the Z-series spacesuit will have advancements that would one day prepare it to allow humans to walk on Mars.

Z-2 uses features of the past Z series, while incorporating some of the elements of the future.

Its upper torso has a hard composite to give astronauts the planetary suit needed to survive on Mars.

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