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New Fitness Tracking ‘MOOV’ Coming This Summer

Moov looks to be the next step in fitness tracking and virtual coaching in a single gadget, coming this summer to markets across the world, the new fitness band will offer a much more detailed and personal fitness experience to the user.

Available on Android and iOS, Moov will collect data on calculate your calories burnt during running sessions, heartbeat, cholesterol, fats burnt, weight loss and more. This will all be sent back to the phone and the assistant will give you tips and goals to meet within the next day, week, month and year.

Moov has developed algorithms to work with different people of all shapes and sizes, allowing them to offer different goals to different people. This is more than other fitness solutions offer, but Nike and FitBit both offer similar functions on their products.

Moov’s main goal is to offer different goals and plans for multiple sports and exercises, the startup worked with plenty of athletes and well trained individuals on the testing of the platform, to make sure it was suitable and reliable at offering information.

Whether this will reflect in the real world is another question, athletes and well trained people may have helped working on the smart band, but can Moov really be the best fitness device for people just starting out and trying to get thin, ripped or both.

We will undoubtedly see more and more of these types of fitness devices, Samsung Gear Fit and the LG Smart Band have both shown big companies want to get in on the market, even Apple’s iWatch will reportedly have a big focus on fitness and tracking movement.

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