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New Hyperlapse App from Instagram to make steady video capture and mobile Timelapse easy

New apps are being built by Instagram that are aimed to help you do more with photography. And on Tuesday, they launched Hyperlapse which allows users to make timelapse videos using standard video captured with their smartphone camera on the fly. The app was launched via Wired.


This launch follows that of Bolt, which is Instagram’s Snapchat-style photo sharing app. Hyperlapse seem to have more of the ingredients that made Bolt a success.
Hyperlapse offers iPhone users a way to make professional-looking timelapses without using the expensive photography equipment like tripods or steady-mounts, pro cameras, etc.

It will also help them to take advantage of image stabilization technology that makes use of movement data gathered by gyroscopes.

A statement from Wired stated thus: “One impulse at Instagram was to build it into its existing app, but doing so would’ve hidden the functionality too much for those really eager to try it, and made it virtually invisible to the average user who might not realize they even want it. To me, this sounds like Instagram learned a lesson from Instagram Video and Direct, and wanted to give this cool new tech the attention it deserved as its own app, where it stands a good chance of going viral rather than being adopted by just some of Instagram’s existing user community.”


Hyperlapse is focused on simplicity. You can only change the speed of playback and you use a slider to control the speed the video you eventually share will play at; from 1x speed through to 12x.


You will get the advantage of the image stabilization techniques even at 1x, but the same video will produce different final effect depending on what playback speed you combine with the automatic stabilization effects.

The app is live now for iPhone owners. Unfortunately, the Android users will have to wait a little longer for a later version.


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