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New Oppo N3 With 3GB RAM, 5.9-Inch Screen and Snapdragon 805

There have been a lot of talks about the new Oppo N3 with many leaks of its photos. Three photos were leaked of what is expected to be the Oppo N3.

Two of the photos show the Oppo N3 with a cylinder-shaped camera that swivels, and the third one shoes a swiveling snapper similar to the one on Oppo N1.


It is believed that Oppo N3 features a 5.9-inch display with a resolution of 1080 by 1920 pixels at 373 ppi. It is expected to offer 3GB of RAM and to be powered by Snapdragon 805 CPU.

Oppo N1

Oppo N1

The camera is believed to feature a 13MP sensor and to swivel 206 degrees. The latest information available reveals that Oppo will offer two variants of the N3: one will be made of stainless steel while the other will be made of aluminum-lithium alloy with a light-weight and durable build.


The stainless steel model is expected to have a higher demand following what happened with Apple iPhone 6 Plus which users said is bending. Oppo may be unveiled at an Oppo event next month.

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