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Nexus 6 leaks show very impressive specs

Nexus 6 is on the way to be unveiled very soon. It has been sported in the latest leak that shows a full press render of this flagship from Google.

From the leak, the Nexus 6 can be seen to be looking quite similar the Moto X 2014 edition that was released recently. The differences are very minute.

It has a sharp beveled edge and the curves towards the edge keep a slight space between the edge of the phone and the speaker-like element.

The Nexus 6 will have a 5.9-inch QHD display with a resolution of 1440 by 2560 pixels (496 ppi). It will have a powerful Snapdragon 805 SoC under the hood and a 13MP camera at the back.

The Nexus line is known to be the Google’s Android champion. And as we approach the end of this year, rumors are beginning to fly around about what the Nexus 6 is going to look like.

Nexus 6 will most probably have the very latest Android build and Google 5.0 OS. And it is rumored that it is Motorola that will be making the Nexus 6.

Other Nexus 6 specs include 2.7GHz quad core Snapdragon 805 processor, a 3200+mAh battery and 3GB of RAM.

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