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Now LG G3 Gets an Amazing New Optically Stabilized 20.7MP Camera

When moving from the LG G2 to the LG G3, the major improvement was the camera. The LG G3 is now sporting the OIS 13 mega-pixels camera. It is the first camera phone to use laser focus.

LG is already working on an improved camera for its next flagship despite the fact that the LG G3 is already having a fairly nice camera.

The new camera module has great features and better image stabilization compared to the OIS+ tech used in the LG G3.


The 20.7MP resolution of the camera is a characteristic of a Sony Exmor sensor, though LG doesn’t come out and say it. It is the same sensor used in the Xperia Z family.

The 20.7MP optically stabilized camera was an interesting entry at the Korea Electronics Show this year. The company just demonstrated the camera module but it is expected that it will end up in the LG Optimus G Pro 3 and LG G4 before long.

LG claims the camera is better that the OIS system in the new Galaxy Note 4 with double the correction angle. There’s still a lot of time until the release of the LG G4. But LG has a very strong entry in this year’s show with this smartphone since it may be the first phone to use this camera.

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