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Nvidia’s Shield Tablet now has 4G LTE plus large storage

Nvidia has introduced a beefed up version of its Shield Tablet. This gaming-focused tablet now has 4G LTE connection and double storage space.


The new 4G LTE, 32GB Shield Tablet will be sell for $399 – $100 more than the Wi-Fi, 16GB version.

Customers in the U.S. and Europe can place their orders for the new device but it will ship on September 30.


The 4G LTE connection allows users to stream music, movies and games on the go. But you will need to pay a monthly fee for the mobile connection. AT&T customers can receive a $100 bill credit when they activate their Shield Tablets through the carrier on certain plans.

Nvidia started selling its own line of mobile devices in 2013 with an aim of expanding its markets beyond its traditional boundaries and connect directly to customers.


It started by producing the $199 Shield portable handheld gaming system then followed it with the Shield Tablet which uses Tegra K1 mobile processor from Nvidia and runs Google’s Android operating system.

Nvidia does not usually reveal the sales figures for its devices but it said on Tuesday that it received “tremendous response from consumes, gamers and media” for its new tablet.


The tablet market has not shown much growth this year that’s why chipmaker, Santa Clara says it expects to buck this trend by focusing on gaming which is a popular niche in mobile devices. Other companies dealing with tablets also echo similar sentiments.

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