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  • Tips to Create Better Video Guides

    Apps and Software

    Useful Tips to Create Better Video Guides

    Video guides are an excellent way to show people how to perform certain tasks or even help them to understand a particular topic. Because of their nature, these guides have an inherent advantage over how-to articles due to the... Read More

  • UpRight Pro Review

    Wearable Technology

    UpRight Pro Review- Facts You Should Know

    There are various ways that can help you keep your body healthy and strong. Some of the best ways include observing a healthy diet and focusing on an exercise regime. However, what doctors don’t tell you is that carrying... Read More

  • The Latest Technology Updates on Self-Driving Cars


    The Latest Technology Updates on Self-Driving Cars

    Self-driving cars continue making headlines, but most people still can’t wrap their heads around driverless vehicles becoming a reality. They just can’t understand how a car can move from one place to another by itself. Nevertheless, driverless cars are... Read More

  • Virtual Reality 3D

    Apps and Software

    Google’s VR Painting Brush App is finally on the Oculus Rift

    Google have launched an app in Oculus rift by the name Tilt Brush Toolkit. The app is more comfortable and highly modified for use in artistic work. It has made easier for the artists to use 3D sketches to... Read More

  • Clean-Up Piracy Sites

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    Tech Giants Agree to Clean-Up Piracy Sites

    Tech giants Microsoft and Google have agreed to strict guidelines for their search engines. This move will go down in the books of history as the first time the international tech giants agreed to clean-up piracy sites that stream... Read More

  • LED Powered LIT IS Sedan


    The Amazing LED Powered LIT IS Sedan

    Technology is fast transforming, and the ingenious invention by Lexus has not only confirmed that but has also taken many by surprise, in the most amazing way of course. The Japanese car maker Lexus has designed an SI Sedan... Read More

  • Cars

    7 Best Cars to Hit the Market in 2017- Be Prepared

    2016 has witnessed a massive launch of new cars and things are likely to be the same in 2017 or even better. If you are hoping to buy a new car in 2017, here are some of the best... Read More

  • Wearables are Part of Our Wrists

    Wearable Technology

    5 Key Reasons Wearables are Part of Our Wrists

    The wearable devices market is one that was unexpected with their introduction in the past year till now. The success it has attained is of an unimaginable magnitude. This form of technological devices is platform that developed early last... Read More

  • BMW New Motorcycle

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    BMW New Motorcycle Have a New Amazing Look

    BMW is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world. In addition to their growing new products, the firm unveiled a set of new motorcycles, which is surely going to rock the market. If specifications are anything to... Read More

  • Temporary Hack Your Own Car

    Apps and Software

    You can Now Temporary Hack Your Own Car without Risking to be Jailed

    It is now possible to legally repair, hack and conduct security research using your car’s software and modify it without risking jail time for copyright violation. This is as agreed by the U.S Copyright Office after various organizations such... Read More