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  • Facebook 360 Feature

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    The Facebook 360 Feature – Facts you Should Know

    In order to create a 360 Facebook video, you need to have a camera that is in a position to simultaneously record all the 360 degrees available in a scene. Once the video has been recorded, viewers are in... Read More

  • Latest Photo App for Android

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    Prisma: Latest App for Android Available To Download

    Technology is dynamic and keeps on changing each and every day; to incorporate new features or to introduce new inventions and innovations. Just the other day, Instagram was introduced into the market with all its wonderful features and hit... Read More

  • Hair Straightners 2016 for Women


    5 Best Hair Straighteners 2016 for Women

    Choosing a best flat iron for your hair isn’t a very easy task when you don’t know anything about it. There are a lot of good flat iron available in the marketplace but choosing the right one for your... Read More

  • Coffee Maker of 2016 you can Buy


    7- Best Cheap Coffee Maker of 2016 you can Buy

    Coffee makers have a history of brewing perfect coffee with optimized temperature condition. Coffeemakers which can brew efficient coffee every time with perfect and salivating aroma is not just a wish for someone to own one but a reality.... Read More

  • Wireless Headphones


    Best Wireless Headphones of 2016 You Wish to Have

    The online world is humming with misconceptions that Apple is going to say goodbye to the conventional headphone socket on the upcoming edition of the Apple iPhone. Apple Company, needless to say, is stating nothing – this company is... Read More

  • 3D Paintbrush from Google

    Wearable Technology

    Get the New Virtual Reality 3D Paintbrush from Google

    Painting in the world today is as popular as any other artwork. Technology is being used to enhance and improve painting models to 3D painters and paintbrushes. This has led to the invention of the Coolest Virtual Reality 3D... Read More

  • Top 10 Best Chrome Books


    Reviewing the Top 10 Best Chrome Books of 2016

    Unlike MacOS computers and Windows 10, great Chromebooks that perform excellently do not have to be expensive. Computers that make use of Google browsers are known to be both smart and quirky. In addition, they are capable with low... Read More

  • Wearable Gifts for Dads

    Wearable Technology

    9 Coolest Wearable Gifts for Dads on this Father’s Day

    Father’s day is fast approaching. Have you thought out of a gift to give to your father? For a change this father’s day, why don’t you get your father something really cool and trendy? Get him one of the... Read More

  • Home Decorating Apps

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    9 Best Home Decorating Apps

    Whether you are an experienced or amateur interior designer, you can take the help of your smart phone to polish your interior designing skills. You will be inspired by the numerous design apps which take into consideration every little... Read More

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    Eero Wi-Fi: Is It a Secure Wi-Fi Router

    What is Eero Wi-Fi? The Eero Wi-Fi is a mesh Wi-Fi router that is both user friendly and security oriented. The router is able to connect to a wide range of networks without necessarily affecting the speed of the... Read More