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  • Risk-Based Security Planning

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    Risk-Based Security Planning – Do it Yourself Guide

    However, as organizations expand into the cyber sphere at the same time that risks become increasingly frequent and sophisticated, it becomes impractical, if not impossible, to scale a consistently high level of security up and out – complexity and... Read More

  • Chatbots and A.I. Empower the Future

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    This is What Happens when Chatbots and A.I. Empower the Future

    Chatbots and A.I. is no longer concepts of the far future. These technological innovations are here and here to stay. Artificial intelligence from service provider CenturySoft is about to reshape the future. Gone are the days when customers need... Read More

  • deposit photos

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    10 Data Security Issues That Can Easily Be Avoided

    With the vast range of internet-based solutions, handling large amounts of data has become a breeze. They can be easily stored and accessed, providing companies and their employees with a lot of flexibility. But this flexibility has also lead... Read More

  • vpn

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    Which Are The Best Android VPN apps?

    Using a virtual private network (VPN) is definitely one of the best ways to use internet safely, with little risk for your privacy. If combined with a good antivirus, VPN will act as an impenetrable shield that protects you... Read More

  • Highly Reliable Vehicles in the Market ftr


    10 Highly Reliable Vehicles in the Market You Must Try

    There are a few things in the world that have the potential of running your day faster unlike a vehicle that can’t run. Mechanical failure can be a drag and it is more likely to happen compare to getting... Read More

  • Top Laptops for Every Budget in 2016


    5 Top Laptops for Every Budget in 2016

    Laptops are on the increase once again because of Windows 10’s introduction, Nivida’s active Maxwell graphics cards, and also brand new Skylake processors provided by Intel. Notebooks as soon as thought to be substituted by the tablets is much... Read More

  • Torrentz Shut Down

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    Torrentz Shut Down; Which are the Alternatives for you?

    One of the meta-search engines of this generation has bid farewell to its loyal subscribers and users. Torrentz has been a dedicated provider of digital content for over a decade now and the abrupt closure of the site alongside... Read More

  • Facebook 360 Feature

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    The Facebook 360 Feature – Facts you Should Know

    In order to create a 360 Facebook video, you need to have a camera that is in a position to simultaneously record all the 360 degrees available in a scene. Once the video has been recorded, viewers are in... Read More

  • Latest Photo App for Android

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    Prisma: Latest App for Android Available To Download

    Technology is dynamic and keeps on changing each and every day; to incorporate new features or to introduce new inventions and innovations. Just the other day, Instagram was introduced into the market with all its wonderful features and hit... Read More

  • Hair Straightners 2016 for Women


    5 Best Hair Straighteners 2016 for Women

    Choosing a best flat iron for your hair isn’t a very easy task when you don’t know anything about it. There are a lot of good flat iron available in the marketplace but choosing the right one for your... Read More