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  • Iphone 5s Crushes Competition

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    Iphone 5s Crushes Competition

    The New York Times matched up Samsung’s Galaxy S5 against the iPhone 5s and found out that Apple’s flagship smartphone leads the competition way ahead than the rest. According to NYT’s review, Samsung’s brand new Galaxy S5 lags off... Read More

  • Introducing Sci-Fi Future of Travel

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    Introducing Sci-Fi Future of Travel: Holograms and Wearable Tech

    Travel booking site’s study shows that hologram and wearable technology will become the future of travel. Online travel search engine Skyscanner conducted a research called The Future of Travel with 56 researchers, futurists, and editors. They based their predictions... Read More

  • Amazing Spiderman2

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    The Amazing Spiderman 2 – Not So Amazing according To Mixed Reviews

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s main verdict is it’s kind of all over the place. The movie, which had an advanced screening a couple of weeks ago, was as cluttered as its trailer. How Sony marketed the movie through its... Read More

  • Solar Powered Plane That Can Fly Forever


    Solar Powered Plane That Can Fly Forever

    Solar powered plane will attempt to achieve the longest flight duration in aviation history by flying 120 hours non-stop around the world. The plane, called Solar Impulse 2 is an innovatory aircraft designed to conquer the skies for a... Read More

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    Smartphone Industry Introduce the “Kill Switch” To Reduce Thefts

    Major players in the smartphone industry announced on April 15 they will introduce the new anti-theft technology to reduce the increasing number of smartphone robberies in the United States of America. Smartphone manufacturing companies said they would provide free... Read More

  • smoking electronic cigarette


    What an Electronic Cigarette Means?

    An electronic cigarette is a cylindrical gadget made out of plastic or stainless steel materials. It looks similar to the common cigarette both in nature and function, but it has no tobacco contents. It is composed of nicotine, flavor,... Read More

  • paypal scam


    Electronic Frauds Inclusion to Business Fears List

    Wrap-Tite Inc. owners appears soft-spoken professionals, but you could experience the humiliation and anger in the voices of Sunny Daga and Suresh Bafna as they narrated how the company lost $500,000 in an email scam through an interview  for... Read More

  • Electronic Hobby Projects Live Chat


    Electronic Hobby Projects Live Chat Friday, April 18

    As in the past, the scheduled live online chat due on Friday, April 18, appears to be a rip-roaring fun-filled, rollercoaster ecstatic conversation full of thrust-and parry ideas. It will be a fun moment for the majority. It will... Read More

  • Electronic Medical Records


    If Doctors Don’t Like Electronic Medical Records, Should We Care?

    Dr. David Blumenthal, current head of the Commonwealth Fund, was put in charge by the Obama administration to spearhead a shift towards electronic medical records. During a Q&A interview for the April issue, David tells why the shift has... Read More

  • Nvidia unveils dual-GPU Titan Z at GDC

    Technology: Tech News, Latest Gadgets, Internet World

    Nvidia Unveils Dual-GPU Titan Z at GDC 2014

    Nvidia kicked off GDC 2014 with a few new announcements in the GPU market. First, Jen-Hsun Huang revealed the reasons why the GPU is not seen as the top piece of kit in the personal computer, due to constraints... Read More

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