Periscope Vs. Meerkat Live Streaming App: Who Will Win The Battle?

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Last Updated: Mar 30, 2015

Just like social media, live streaming is becoming more and more popular all around the globe. The last few days have been turbulent for the two live streaming apps; Meerkat and Periscope. Twitter owned Periscope went live on Thursday, and Meerkat immediately introduced some new and enhanced features. The competition between Meerkat and Periscope is healthy and welcomed. The higher the competition, the better quality of apps. However, when speaking about mobile apps, there can usually be just one true winner.

Many smartphone users do not need such apps, yet alone two or them. However, if you are a supporter of such apps, via live streaming apps you will be able to see a sunset across the world or any other natural beauty. Not just that, you will be able to witness many things which normally you would not be able to.

The first thing that comes to mind to people who never used these apps is a feeling of discomfort, but very quickly that feeling transfers to feeling less alone in the world. We can share our lives and connect with people all around the globe with different nationalities and backgrounds.

If you wish to experience live streaming, than these two apps will certainly do the trick. The apps are really easy and simple to use, plus they offer a unique way of sharing what people do with others users. These two apps are at the top of their game, and at the end, there will be only one true winner. Why is that so? Just like you do not need two email addresses or two calendar apps, you do not need two live streaming apps either. When it comes to some other features such as messaging platform or photo editors, users like to have options, but when it comes to live streaming apps, you only need one.



To get your hands on Periscope, all you have to do is visit the Apple App store and voila; you will be able to see the world trough someone else’s eyes. The app itself will allow you to broadcast live video to the rest of the world. Once you “go live”, your followers will be notified, and they will be able to join, comment and even send virtual hearts, and all this in real time. This latest technology burst only needs a smartphone camera and a solid internet connection. Anyone who wishes to view the streaming can do so via iPhone app or online. The good news is that Android users will get a chance to participate shortly, because the Android version is coming soon.

By having a Periscope app, users will have an option to save streams in order to replay them within 24 hours. That feature can be easily turned off. People will also be able to save the videos directly to their camera roll.

Periscope will also give you a chance to create a private invite streams (so you see, there is an option for who sees the video). It does not matter if you are streaming just to a few friends or to the entire world, each option allows the viewers to comment or send you little virtual hearts.



Live streaming is pretty much the same on Periscope and Meerkat with a few differences. Meerkat does not offer a replay button, and users are not able to tweet links to streams. This particular app works a bit differently as opposed to Periscope. Your iPhone app sends a tweet and tells people you are live streaming. Once other users click on the link, they will be able to watch the video (via their web browser or Meerkat application). They will be able to make a comment, or to post the video on the screen of the person broadcasting.

Another thing that sets these two apps apart is the fact that Periscope users can watch the video later, while Meerkat users cannot. All this gives Periscope a small advantage. However, Meerkat users can save streams to their smartphones while Periscope users are not in the position to do so.

These are all little nuances, but nuances that will make a difference in choosing the app. The battle over users has begun. Now, all we can do is wait, and see how the situation develops. Time will tell.

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