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PlayStation TV Launches in the US and Canada

PlayStation TV has been launched in the United States and Canada and it comes to Europe on November 14.

The unit was launched on Tuesday and will cost $99 for the base package. Inside the box, users will find the PlayStation unit, an AC adapter, and AC power cord and a HDMI cable.


However, a limited edition bundle which includes everything from the base bundle plus a DualShock 3 Controller, USB cable, 8GB memory card and a copy of the Lego Movie Video Game will cost $140.

Wal-Mart is bundling a copy of Sly Cooper – Thieves In Time in another bundle in case you may need a different game.


The PlayStation TV has 1GB of internal memory which you can use for small DLC or for saving games. But if you have lots of game saves, it is advisable to buy one of the limited edition bundles or to acquire a separate memory card.

The microconsole is able to play many PlayStation Vita games and PSP and PlayStation One games. And through Remote Play, it can be used to stream PlayStation 4 games from one PlayStation 4 console onto a separate TV that it is connected to.

Late last month, Sony announced that almost 700 games will be available for PlayStation TV at launch.

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