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Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018

It’s the Podo Stick and Shoot Camera an emerging technology 2018 which is re-defining how you see yourself using the selfie stick camera. The Chinese axiom ‘a picture says more than a thousand word’ can find better expression when you use a device that allows you the freedom to do more.

Calling it a Selfie-bug and you won’t be entirely wrong as it can fit into the palm of your hand. But the core idea behind the Podo stick is to bring convenience into your photo sessions using the Bluetooth selfie stick camera.

Now with a wireless Bluetooth camera like the Podo camera you can capture precious moments with friends, loved ones or alone to connect with others on the go without the restriction of holding closely by hand.

How do Podo Stick and Shoot Camera work?
The Podo Stick and Shoot Camera work as an emerging tech since 2016 that gives you an alternative to selfie-stick; you now have a Bluetooth selfie stick. It is a wireless Bluetooth camera that you can stick to any surface smooth or rough to enjoy an exciting moment taking photos, videos with friends and colleagues without the arms restrictions.

Technologies behind Podo Stick and Shoot Camera

Podo is today’s emerging technology 2018 for enjoying a convenient photo and video coverage experience. With such high Podo camera quality, you can capture lovely moments without depending on your arm length.

Four Technological Breakthroughs with Podo stick and Shoot Camera

Re-stickable selfie camera

First, Podo understands the challenge or restriction with arm length when taking selfie shot camera and so the ability to stick camera using the Podo case that sticks to walls take the stress away while you are left with the thrills of a photo session. The Podo camera case is a micro-adhesive pad as well as a magnetic component that sticks firmly and can be easily removed. You could also apply a little water to the adhesive surface to increase the firmness or glue when you notice it has become slackened.

At the rear of the Podo camera and Bluetooth selfie stick is a panel with joints that makes it easy for the Podo camera to swivel to any direction when taking camera shots.

Mobile App-enabled device

The Podo mobile apps for iOS and Android gives you the freedom to do more connecting as much as 6 Podo cameras to a single device, I think this is more of a filming session creating more photo dimensions if you want.


Now you can capture meaningful moments, hands-free, with confidence and style by simply placing the wireless Bluetooth camera with the case that sticks to walls.

Convenience and enough light

The Podo stick and shoot camera lighting system allows room for adequate light to enter the camera lenses to give high Podo camera quality shots made possible by the LEDs around the camera lenses. The LED light indicates what direction the Podo camera is facing and all the ring of LED lights up when it flashes.

Other Features:

  • It uses rechargeable batteries of up to 1 hour 30 minutes for video.
  • 5 megapixel sensors
  • 720p; 30fps videos
  • Glass lens of 90 degrees wide angle
  • 8 GB memory

How to use Podo Stick and Shoot Camera?

On how to use camera stick, it’s quite easy. Just stick the Podo selfie stick camera to any desired metal, wood, glass or wall surface. You might need to double-tap the device to come on or stay active if not it will hibernate. To give you the best angle you desire you can swivel or adjust the Podo stick and shoot camera and then go ahead to control it using your smartphone. Because the Podo Stick and Shoot Camera is a Bluetooth selfie stick camera you can synchronize wirelessly with your smartphone by downloading the iOS or Android app.

Once you set up the wireless Bluetooth camera with your smartphone then from the app you can adjust the resolution to as much as 8 megapixels, ratio aspects to full or square, etc. you can pick between photo, video as well as set timer before snapping away by clicking on the start button on the screen. The Podo camera also has preview function to help you see the photo before saving. The preview though comes smaller than the final output in terms of the photo area.

After snapping the wireless Bluetooth camera takes a few seconds to load the photos to the app on your smartphone. Then you choose whether to share, trash photo or hit the finish button to save.

Now you’ve got the freedom to snap away!

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Pros and Cons of Podo Stick and Shoot Camera

Pros of Podo Stick and Shoot Camera

  • Capture photos without limitations to selfie sticks or mounts.
  • Very compact and portable.
  • Perfect Podo camera quality even at 5 megapixels or less resolution.
  • Easy to navigate app.
  • The sticky pad works perfectly especially on metal surfaces.
  • So much freedom and convenience in a selfie shot camera.c

Cons of Podo Stick and Shoot Camera

  • The Podo camera preview comes smaller than the actual photo size.
  • The camera preview is of low resolution.
  • The pad picks dirt too easily.
  • It’s quite sensitive to bright light but perfect for natural light.
  • Too much delay in communication from snapping to transfer of final camera shots.
  • The time-lapse function makes for a lot of possibilities.
  • It’s a lot faster to transfer images using USB.
  • There should have been a small bag-pack or case.

Though it’s been around since 2016-megapixel the Podo stick and shoot camera offers an exciting moment for your friendship experience as an emerging technology 2018 with such high Podo camera quality for a Bluetooth selfie stick camera.

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