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Prisma: Latest App for Android Available To Download

Technology is dynamic and keeps on changing each and every day; to incorporate new features or to introduce new inventions and innovations. Just the other day, Instagram was introduced into the market with all its wonderful features and hit off in the market at a very high rate. Today Instagram is losing. It’s not because it isn’t cool anymore; a new app has just been introduced to the market from Russia.

Prisma the new app developed by Alexey Moiseenkov a 25-year-old based in Moscow Russia has proven to have abilities that wipe out Instagram. The new app was designed with the intention of manipulating photos at a whole new scale. Other photo editing tools such as Instagram manipulate an already taken image. Prisma is set to create a totally new and different image of the same thing or person out of the same photo. This is the main reason why Prisma is now the coolest app and it is taking over from Instagram.

Prisma designs enable you as the user to develop any new work of art. it is meant to enable transformations of pictures to beautiful artworks. You don’t need to have the talent to have art at your disposal. You can now easily develop art from a picture or an image using the Prisma app. The fame, admiration and the attention placed on this specific app, shot at a very high rate.

The app was first released on the iOS. It topped the charts on Apple as the best app that allows you to manipulate your pictures, images inclusive of videos. It is now the most wanted app by people all over the world based on the app stores statistics. The growth of the Prisma app was unprecedented but the developer and his team are glad it has been so.

Prisma App

The technology used is aimed at the recreation of the most brilliant works of art in the whole world. They aim at being able to replicate the works of famous and popular artists in the world including Van Gogh’s art works. It utilizes the neural network to process and produce its new images and pictures. This technology has already been in use especially by Google and by researchers in the development and regeneration of images from photos. However, none of the technology was as fast as Prisma. Prisma is the first of its kind to be placed at the public’s disposal for use.

Prisma app regenerates any photo from scratch and offers you a new image totally different from the original but depicting the same image. It does not change or just edit your images, it develops them afresh. The Prisma app reads the most basic elements of a picture and is able to redraw or paint them in a new way with the variations that you need or require.

Prisma already has 33 versions of features that can be used to regenerate the images to your specifications. They are now looking at expanding the versions and styles to 50 or more styles. The launch of a version suitable for android has already occurred with the release of the APK Beta. The version is able to regenerate photos and other images. Its ability to regenerate videos will be launched soon. The Prisma app is reaching and fulfilling its milestones and deliverables within short periods of time. Prisma for video on android is estimated to be in hand several weeks to come.

It was initially developed through the Mail.RU funding as an investment. With them aiming at new expansion ventures and the introduction of new styles, it has become quite an expensive affair. This is the main reason that funds are now being sought through sponsors. Some of the Prisma Project sponsors who took off with the project as it started include the Palmolive Company and the Gett app for the taxi. They are now looking for more to assist in financing their expansions and fulfill the dream of every user out there. The developer is now venturing to the Silicon Valley looking for funds to fund the next phase of the Prisma app. This will move the App to other cities and out of Moscow which is one of the developers aims.

Looking at future integrations, there is a possibility that Prisma app and the social media platforms may be able to interact. This is however, a closed subject for now. Prisma is actually growing and moving towards the Bay Area. These are huge aspirations since the app is still too young to compare to them. With better partnerships and integration aims, it might reach the same level due to its popularity and use by the public.

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Prisma is not taking over but has already taken over the technological world in regards to photos and image manipulation. If you have not yet experienced this app you are far behind in the current news. The app is now available on android which makes it accessible to all including you. Enjoy the new images and artworks that the Prisma app has enabled you to do.

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