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Robots set to join the fight against Ebola in West Africa

The mode of transmission of Ebola and the danger it presents to those who handle the victims make it necessary to involve robots if the war is to be won.

Xenex the germ zapping robot

Robots really fit in such dangerous situations due to their lack of life – they can’t get infected.

In November, it will be determined if and how robots would join the West African war against Ebola at a simulcast workshop.

Already some robots have been dispatched at the U.S. hospital in Dallas, Texas where they were tasked with zapping any germs.

Xenex the germ zapping robot

These robots are perfectly suited for battling infectious diseases since they have a much more hands-on approach.

As Computerworld reports, scientists are considering decontamination robots that could disinfect and even bury the dead, telepresence robots to replace interpreters and even autonomous vehicles that can help deliver medicine.

Building new robots takes time which scientists don’t has as at now given that Ebola epidemic is already becoming a global menace. So the first bunch of robots will be hacked together options to at least bring some relief to the countries that are affected.

Ebola in Africa

One consideration is to use wheeled robot with sprayers attached on it to help decontaminate areas where the disease has been found together with the equipment being used.

Another option is to set up a telepresence robot that can be used to move around a field clinic allowing health care workers to see and interact with victims from the safety of a remote location. This will in effect eliminate human contact and at the same time add a high level of contact with the victims.

At the teleconference that will take place on November 7, scientists will decide what needs to be done as quickly as possible.

ebola virus virion

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