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Samsung, Barnes & Noble to show off Galaxy Tab 4 Nook on August 20

The Samsung and Barnes & Noble Nook event slated for August 20 will detail the efforts the two companies have put into the development of tablets.

And the centre of attraction will be the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook which they had discussed earlier in June.

The event will be held in New York to show off this tablet that they co-branded. To be precise, it will be held at the Barnes & Noble in New York’s Union Square neighbourhood.


The invitation simply said, “Join us as the best of both worlds come together” without providing any further details.

When contacted, Samsung confirmed the first Galaxy Tab 4 Nook will be showcased at the event, but it declined to divulge more information.

This is expected because they would want keep their fans anxious about the event. Divulging so much information may make some people even fail to attend.

The two companies unveiled their new partnership in June to develop Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nooks. Judging from the expertise of both the companies, fans expect that Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook will be a big hit.

The two companies said in June that the first 7-inch screen Galaxy Tab 4 Nook will be available in US stores in August.

They will be a combination of Samsungs hardware and customized Nook software from Barnes and Noble.
Samsung will have a very tight schedule after this event. It has other goodies in store for it fans.


It will launch its latest Unpacked smartphone two weeks after this event which will be followed by another IFA electronics show in Berlin where it will showcase its products.

The events where Galaxy Note 4 will be shown simultaneously include the September 3rd event in Beijing and in New York.

These events will hopefully help Samsung to gain some ground. It has been facing tough market competition from its rivals.

Majority of consumers are low- or middle-level earners who can not afford high end smartphones that Samsung is producing.

Samsung is being threatened much from the makers of low-cost phones mainly from China. Very few people buy expensive phones and once they buy the low-cost phones, they are usually reluctant to upgrade.

When these consumers decide to upgrade, they prefer larger phones to smaller tablets. This is an issue that Samsung should take more seriously if it has to have presence in the low-end market.
Samsung is hoping that these new devices will attract consumers and improve its results.


Meanwhile, Barnes & Noble has ended its incursion into hardware design. The company feels it should concentrate more on software. And in their deal with Samsung it said it would only offer its Nook GlowLight and support only the Nook slates it has launched to that point. Nook GlowLight is a backlit e-ink e-reader.

Samsung will deal with the hardware part which it feels it can do a better job. Consumers hope that a combination of software from Barnes and Noble and hardware from Samsung will give them something they have been waiting for.

Even though Nooks have been receiving good reviews, their sales have been poor.

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