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Samsung, Dell, Intel and others join together for Internet of Things

After a few previously unsuccessful organisations trying to connect the Internet of Things, Samsung, Dell, Intel and a few others have kicked off their own, called the Open Interconnect Consortium, to bring standards to the smart home.

The new organisation looks to create a standard for all those inside the group. This will allow Samsung’s fridges to talk to Intel’s processors, instead of all smart home devices being stuck in their own platform.

Open Interconnect Consortium wants to open source all of the standards and code added, allowing other companies to join in on the Internet of Things market, without having to join the consortium.

Each member of the consortium will be providing code and hours of work to make the Internet of Things work together. The first parts of the code will connect the smart home to the smart office, allowing devices from home and the office to work together, even from different companies.

The standards will not work automatically, each member will have to implement them to the devices already on offer. Some older devices will not work with others, we wonder if the Open Interconnect Consortium will release and app, to make functionality easier.

Two of the biggest names, Google and Apple, are not in the consortium. Apple announced the HomeKit at WWDC 2014, showing off how the Internet of Things would connect around the home and work on the iPhone. Google has an initiative too and acquired Nest for $2.3 billion in the Summer.

The Open Interconnect Consortium seems to be more about the back-end of the Internet of Things, instead of the front end where HomeKit works. Nest is another partner the consortium would like to have, but it is unlikely Google will partner.

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