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Samsung seems to be having another Phone which looks like iPhone

It looks like Samsung is having another iPhone look-alike and it is going to be cheap, Blog Sam Mobile reports. The phone that Samsung is preparing to release may be similar to its recently released Galaxy Alpha.

The new phone is believed to have just been approved by the Federal Communication Commission. Blog Sam Mobile says the phone will be called Galaxy A3 and is one of the three phones to be released by Samsung. Others are the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7.

samsung galaxy alpha smartphone

The phone is said to be the cheapest of the three all of which will have metal edges. If Galaxy A3 looks like the Samsung’s Galaxy A5 and the Galaxy Alpha, it will have metal chamfered edges wrapped around its casing. The design might not look all that pleasing.

Samsung’s Galaxy A5

The Federal Communication Commission doesn’t say much about the phone but it indicates the phone will accommodate two SIM cards, and it is most likely to be able to connect to 3G networks. However, a 4G model is also said to be in the works.

Samsung Galaxy A3 SM

The Galaxy phone sounds like it will be a low-end phone but it will come with a 64-bit processor. It will feature a low resolution display, 8GB of internal memory, and a 5MP camera.

Although the Galaxy A3 sounds like it’ll be a low-end phone, it is expected to come with a 64-bit processor. Other than that, it’ll feature a low-resolution display, a 5-megapixel camera, and just 8GB of storage space, according to Sam Mobile.

Looks Like Samsung

If it is true that Samsung is planning to launch a new series of Galaxy A phones, they’ll most likely all feature similar design but with different components in the inside.

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