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ScanDisk SD Memory is now larger than ever

ScanDisk has created a 512GB-SD card which is the highest capacity it has ever created. The card will go on sale for $800. It is the size of a postage stamp.


It is 10 tears since ScanDisk released its 512MB SD card. Experts believe that in the near future SD cards will hold up to 2TB of memory.

This new card is aimed at film-makers who shoot it the high-quality 4K format. The 4K format is four times the HD resolution and therefore requires large storage space. One minute of 4K shooting will take about 5GB of storage space.


Dinesh Bahal, the vice-president of product marketing at SanDisk said K4 Ultra HD is an example of a technology that pushes them to develop such a large capacity storage device.

Its format is one of the most widely used standards of flash storage which is popular with camcorders, digital cameras and other mobile devices.


A 512GD SD card can hold up to 30 hours of video. But is such a storage required now that there is cloud storage? A senior mobile analyst from IDC, John Delaney said innovation in physical storage was critical to the future of our devices even if people are resorting to cloud storage.

“The thing that is driving cloud storage is multiple devices usage – which solves the, ‘Where’s my stuff?’ problem: if you use cloud storage for everything, whatever device you have with you can be used to access your content,” he said. He however added that there’s still a strong preference for local storage.


Delaney further said that people feel more in control of their data when they are able to access it knowing where it is rather than on the cloud that they don’t know where the data is.

SD cards are also becoming popular following the security issues that have been raised concerning hacking of cloud storage including the celebrity pictures leak that occurred last week.

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