Should It Be Left To Pirates To Keep Our Games Alive?

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Last Updated: May 11, 2015


There are many games on the market that are lacking the support from the game developers. Mostly the games that we are talking about are ones that have been made in the last 5-6 years or earlier. For these video games, the companies that have developed them have left gamers on their own, since they want to spend money neither to the development of those games, nor to support the multiplayer platform of theirs. In this case, what’s left for users that own or want to play the game itself? The only option they have in order to play the game is to request a crack or a multiplayer tweak from one of the cracker/hacker groups that are uploading torrents to pirating sites. But is this a good option to leave such an important thing to internet pirates?

Keeping Old Games Alive

It is a very sad thing to see one of our favorite games being thrown into the trash. Most of the big companies do this with old games, since people won’t really buy the game anymore, and even if they buy the video game, it would bring them much fewer profits than their new game(s). So, they are forced to do so since they don’t really have neither the manpower for the task nor the money to keep the project coming. They choose to give up game support instead. This could be understood, since we are living in a financial system, which is capitalism. Big companies need to stay on the top and use every bit of their funds and manpower to keep or improve their position in the world market. Sadly, most of the companies would do anything to achieve a higher position in the market. They would even do businesses, which would result in the bankruptcy of other companies. They don’t think about their competitors, the only goal for them is to get rid or far ahead of them as fast as they can. They don’t care about what this would take to achieve their objective.

Getting back to the topic of old games left alone, we don’t really want those games to be left for pirates. Pirates and cracker, hacker groups are pretty untrustworthy people who are quite unpredictable. Some of them do that what they do because corporates provide gaming opportunity or products for a much higher price as they worth, some of them do pirating and cracking for the money, since many of those groups get money for what they do. Many people would disagree here with me, but I have to admit, we need pirating. Why would I say such a thing? Let me explain. Do you know Spotify? It is a music streaming app for both mobile and computer devices, which operates on a monthly subscription plan. The product enables us to listen to almost every artists’ albums and records in the world for a sum of 10 bucks (or for free if we don’t want to pay for ad-freeness). If pirating wouldn’t be present in the world, this would have never happened. Since pirating is cutting down the profits of the biggest music record companies, such as Warner or Sony, those companies had to think about other options to sell their artists’ works. Pirating has started on the first hand since the record companies that I have mentioned in my last sentence were selling albums and songs for extremely high prices. It was not worth for an everyday person to buy the recording (both in digital and offline form). So, people have become angry and pirating has been given space.


Do you remember the fall of GameSpy, the multiplayer network that supported most of the old games on the market? The company has shut down in the last 2 years, so it meant that they have given up support of more than 30 games. What has happened with those games? The fortunate ones were able to get support from other platforms, such as Steam or Origin or from their original developers. However, there were some that completely disappeared, so their future was left for pirates. However, they have developed new patches in order to players to be able to play multiplayer.

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