Smart Rope Review: Is It Really Useful?

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Last Updated: Sep 17, 2016

This is an LED embedded skipping rope that can connect to your smart phone and also displays your fitness information in mid-air as you work out. You know how you have to keep count of how many times you jump in order to calculate the about of fats burnt? Skipping rope is one of the most effective and easy cardio work outs but counting can strenuous especially since you are often trying to hold your breath too. One ends up jumbling the numbers or giving up completely on count. With Smart Rope all you have to do is jump and your data will be displayed clearly in the 23 LEDS that are embedded into the rope to make your workout more fun and provide a wonderful experience.

Manufacturer Information

Smart Rope is a product of Tangram Factory which takes daily items and creates innovative user experiences out of them that are incorporated with the latest technology and design. Tangram Design Lab and Factory was founded in 2014 as a hardware/software startup majorly focused on the Internet part of things. It has a track record of award-winning products and Smart Rope is the first product under the Smart Gym section of the company which is a platform of connected fitness devices.

Claims about Smart Rope

The manufacturers claim that the 23 LEDs fixed in the Smart Rope are of high quality, are bright white and are able to display your fitness information clearly even in bright rooms. Smart Rope is claimed to have:

  • A sophisticated design
  • A comfortable 45 degree angle
  • A 2×2 smooth ball bearings
  • A 360 degree tracking
  • A 30 day usage period after a single charging

How does Smart Rope work?

Smart Rope displays your jump count, enabling you to get more from your workouts without straining. The company is currently working on software updates that will enable it to display the calories burnt in the exercise, the interval training data and other symbols that are relevant to your fitness level. The LEDs fire at different times as the rope rotates around you creating an animated effect of single display floating in mid-air.

You can easily connect Smart Rope to Smart Gym app on your smart phone through Bluetooth. This enables you to get relevant fitness data that can be used to train smarter.

How to use Smart Rope

Smart Rope is no different in terms of use compared to the ordinary rope. The only difference is the fixed LED displays that help you monitor your jump counts. To motivate you more, you can set daily and overall fitness goals, work toward achieving them daily and earn awards for achieving the goals. You can also rank yourself against other Smart gym users worldwide.

All you have to do is enter your height, weight and other relevant personal information to track the calories burned and get other fitness data in the Smart Gym app on your phone. You can choose to include Facebook access to share info with your friends.

It charges with a standard micro-USB port and only takes 2 hours to be completely charged. It can be used for 36 continuous hours of active exercise and can last more than 30 days if used for 1 hour long workout routines.

Benefits of Smart Rope

  • It is embedded with 23 LEDs that display your fitness data so that you no longer have to keep count by yourself.
  • It comes in cool designs that look stunning and slide effortlessly from the wrist significantly improving your jumping experience.
  • It has innovative 45 degree angle that allows the handles to be held in a natural way and be evenly balanced for maximum control of the LED display.
  • It has two sets of ball bearings on each handle giving a silky smooth motion.
  • It has sensors that detect a full 360 degree revolution of the rope and thus track is as a complete jump giving you a level of accuracy that is difficult to achieve by any other means.

Smart Rope Pricing and Refund Policy

Smart Rope can be purchased from its official website.

Final Verdict

Smart Rope needs no convincing for you to make the purchase. Who would have thought technology would catch up to skipping ropes? Now that it has, all we can say is ‘about time’. If jumping rope is your preferred way of cardio workout then this is a blessing for you. Smart Rope is available in simple, striking designs that allow you to add some personality in to your rope for more comfort during workout. They also come with additional soft silicon grips that are not only colorful but also serve the purpose of protecting the rope from wear and tear. You cannot go wrong with Smart Rope.

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