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Some Scary Futuristic Technologies

There are fantastic technological possibilities that await us in the future. Some are great in the way they will improve our living standards while others are frightening. Let’s have a look at the scariest technological possibilities of the future.

‘Weaponized’ Nanotechnology


‘Weaponized’ nanotechnology can end the world faster than nothing else. Using nanotechnology scientists can create microscopic machines that can consume the world’s critical resources in no time at the same time replicating themselves. There is also the issue of apocalyptic weapons which are currently the domain of world powers.

According to nanotechnology theorist, Robert Freitas, there are several possible variations of these planet-killing nanotechs. They include grey plankton, aerovores, biomass killers, grey lichens, etc.

Conscious Machines


Psychologists argue that it is cruel to build a functional brain inside a computer. When you build a conscious machine it will ‘feel’ inadequate in certain aspects or it may ‘feel’ oppressed when it is made to perform certain duties.

As we know, the ordinary computers can do whatever they are programmed to do without getting tired or bored. A conscious machine can get bored. Another problem with conscious machines is that if they are not perfectly programmed, they may ‘behave’ like retarded human beings.

Artificial Superintelligence


Stephen Hawkins said that artificial intelligence could be our worst mistake in history. Worse still is to have a greater-than-human intelligence.

Having machines that are faster and smarter than us will put us at their mercy. Building ASI would be absolutely crazy. Unless another friendly AI can be created to control them.

Mind Reading Devices


Ask anybody around you. No one would want a machine or a fellow human being that can read their thoughts and memories without their consent.

Scientists from Netherlands managed to use brain scan data and computer algorithms to determine which letter a person was looking at.

This breakthrough indicates a possibility of a third party to reconstruct human thoughts at a high level of detail which may include what a person sees, thinks, etc.

Such kinds of devices when developed can make life intolerable. What if you use such a machine to know that someone is planning to harm you?


Other technologies that are scary include brain-hacking devices and autonomous robots that are specifically designed to kill human beings.

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