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Some Unforeseen Negative Consequences Of Drones

Google, Amazon and Facebook have very good intentions with their urban delivery drones. Google is even saying it is planning to use its drones for disaster relief; a very noble idea. But there are certain unintended consequences that need to be thoroughly considered.


Look at the following:

Junk mails

A world filled with legal delivery drones making regular door-to-door drops will lead to unwanted junk greeting you each time you open your front door. You will see a number of unsolicited items or advertisements being dangled in front of your face everyday.



Other possible use of drones would be for spying. The government through the law reinforcement agencies may use the drones to spy on you. So you will no longer be alone again.

Romance using drone
Facebook, SnapChat and other social media platforms have already taken a little of humanity out of our romantic relationships. Drones will worsen the situation. Imagine seen a drone buzzing up to your door with a bouquet of red roses.



Drones use computer programs that are vulnerable to hacking. The hackers will be able to divert your delivery which may result in great losses.

Drone hunting
This may sound outrageous but it’s the reality. If they can’t hack the drones, they will shoot them down. Drone backlash is already simmering. There is at least one town considering issuing a license to hunt drones.


Urban BASE jumping

Some people take low-altitude Base jumping as a hobby. They jump from cliffs, bridges and structures like skyscrapers. But how will this still be possible with the prospect of jumping straight into a drone with its rapidly rotating propellers?

Death of small stores

With the convenience that comes by using drones for deliveries, the small stores that depend solely on direct purchases will eventually be wiped out. This is not good news to those who own these stores.


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