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SpaceX looking to build first commercial spaceport in Texas

Texas is about to get another taste of space, Governor Rick Perry and CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk have inked a deal to build the first commercial spaceport in Brownsville, Texas, along with a control center in Cameron County.

The deal comes with a $15.3 million incentive package, in order for SpaceX to build the spaceport. The spaceport will not be the first in Texas, NASA holds one in Houston, famous for the “Houston, we have a problem” line in Apollo 13.


Texas has always been a favorable place for SpaceX, in 2013 Elon Musk said Texas would be the prime location. The advancements in space technology from Texas in the past fifty years has been astounding, developing a culture for space.

SpaceX plans to launch 13 orbital rockets per year from the Brownsville spaceport. The space company is not just involved in research like NASA, SpaceX wants to develop commercial technologies for space, including tourism and travel.

The space industry could shadow all others in the next twenty years – space mining, tourism, colonisation and research could make an industry twice the size of any on Earth, especially if researchers find ways to colonise Mars or another planet.

SpaceX wants to be the frontier on these space missions, offering high-grade rockets and spaceports for other companies to use. The commercialisation of space is still on its baby feet, with most companies still making plans for the next ten years.

Other companies like Virgin Galactic are looking towards tourism and space delivery as a popular service in the growing years. It does seem like another space race, but this time its the first commercialised spacecraft, capable of sending people to different planets for less than a house.

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