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Struggling with weight loss? Just turn your phone into a weight-loss tool

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Last Updated: Nov 27, 2017

Are you aware that by simply installing a few apps onto your phone you can turn it into a fat burning machine?

Smartphones come with tones of features, and with small tweaks these can be turned into ultimate weight loss tools.

Both Apple’s app store and Google Play Store have apps that can unlock the full potential of your Smartphone and help you get into shape.

Getting into shape requires exercise and a healthy lifestyle, these are exactly what you phone will help you to achieve.

“Many of the tools and apps available for your phone are great because they create more mindfulness and awareness, which makes people more likely to make better decisions,” said Ashley Barrient, who is a certified personal trainer and a registered dietitian with Loyola University Medical Center.

Counting calories
To lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume. So you need to install a calorie-counting app on your phone. There are many apps available for this but the most recommended is MyFitnessPal (iOS, Android). This app can help you figure our how many calories you can eat per day then track your intake and output.

“You can even use your phone’s camera to snap a picture of [a food package] barcode, and the app will automatically deduct the calories from your daily limit,” Barrient said.

Better shopping
As stated earlier, losing weight requires a healthy lifestyle. You need to check the type of food you take. Your Smartphone can help you make smart decisions when you go shopping for food. Apps like Shopwell (iOS, Android) and Fooducate (iOS, Android) are at your service. They provide nutritional information and grade foods from A to F depending on their suitability for you. You can use these apps to make shopping lists and figure out your calories in advance.

Exercise plays a major role in weight reduction. It is the way through which your body burns the calories that you take. You can install miCoach app which can tell you the mileage while you are running. It also has voices of some celebrities that will tell you motivating things to keep you going.

Your phone works better if it has a partner, so you can pair up with a fitness tracker to maximize its potential. Fitbit is a great add to your workout as it will hold you accountable for what you are, or aren’t doing. The fitness tracking devices can sync with your calorie-counting app to automatically deduct the number of calories you burn from your daily total.

Getting healthy doesn’t need to be like a punishment; you need to have fun. Apps like Run! (iOS, Android), Fitocracy (iOS, Android) and Zombies can turn your exercise into a game so you don’t feel like you are exercising.

Sleep well
Your phone can also help you shed pound while you sleep. Many apps are available that can track your sleep, which is key to weight loss. If you are not getting good sleep and proper rest you will have difficulty in losing weight. The sleep apps that can help you include Sleep Cycle and Sleepbot.

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