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Stylish, Slim And Rugged Cases For iPhone 6 From Griffin

With the launch of iPhone 6, many case manufacturers have been at work trying to create their perfect fit. Of all the paraded cases for the iPhone 6, the Griffin’s offerings are the most compelling.

No. 4

Griffin Technology has been creating cases for Apple iPhones for many years and they continue to launch newer versions regularly.

Griffin Technology has several alternatives for the Apple iPhones. They include the Identity, Reveal, Slim, Survivor Core and Survivor All-Terrain.

From reviews, the Identity appears to be the most preferred by many users because of its slim form factor and ability to switch out the back panel to add some element of customization.

NO. 6

The Identity comes with various back options including Bold, Functional, Fresh, Performance and Classic. It comes in two pieces: a back insert and a frame. The style you purchase determines what the frame piece will consist of. But you can purchase any of the backplates to change up the look of your device.


The Identity frame features openings for Lightning port, headset jack and ringer switch. A hole is drilled into it for speaker opening at the bottom. The large opening in the back is for camera and flash.

Identity is stylish, slim and light with side and back protection. The only problem with it is that it lacks front protections. It costs $34.99.

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