swivelCard, a business card and a USB drive combined

swivelCard is the latest attempt at a high-tech business card. It looks like an ordinary business card but when folded, it becomes a USB drive.


It is a very innovative design that is going to replace the traditional business cards.

There have been many attempts to come up with innovative business cards, but none beats swivelCard it terms of popularity. There was LinkedIn, the social media version of business card, then there were QR codes, apps, and high-tech versions of business card, but none of these has reached the level where swivelCard is.


This USB drive directs recipients to a specific link or a specific website and you can change it any time. What this means is that once you discuss a business deal with someone and you hand them the swivelCard, it will lead them to your website where they can access your products or services.


The card is very flexible; you can change it so that it directs the recipients only to a specific page of the service or product you had discussed.

swivelCard is on the Kickstarter campaign and has raised over $70,000 and still has more than three weeks to go – its goal was only $10,000.


Giving a bit more of an overview of how the technology works, the swivelCard Kickstarter page explains how it works thus:

“Remote access to your swivelCard gives you many opportunities to continue interacting with the card’s recipient. With the back-end interface you’ll be able to log in to your account and remotely make changes to the destination. Plus, this can be done individually for each specific card. Want that potential client to go to a list of testimonials instead of your standard video greeting? You can make that change on the fly after they’ve left with the card!”


The card is currently available to Kickstarter backers who pledge at least $59; that will give them 15 cards.

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