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Taking Fantastic Photos Using PlexiDrone

Most people don’t feel at ease with drones even if they are small, turned off and unarmed. But this is going to change soon as the airborne gadgets become commonplace as more and more people buy them.

There are startups that are already coming up with different takes on uses, design and price.


The latest arrival is the PlexiDrone designed by DreamQii. It is a mid-range drone quite perfect for photographers who do not want to mess around with additional complicated technology.

PlexiDrone is very simple to put together. You just need to snap in its two propellers and two pieces of landing gear then you will be good to go.


PlexiDrone can hold GoPro which is photographers’ camera of choice when using drones. This is because it is lightweight. Other lightweight cameras and camcorders can also fit in very well.

“This is not designed to be a toy; this is a tool for the average person to use,” said Klever Freire who is the founder of PlexiDrone.

To avoid obstructions, PlexiDrone’s landing gear can be pulled up in while in flight so that the camera is able to capture a true 360-degree view. The user controls the device from a tablet or smartphone, pointing to any direction on a map to set a route.


Klever Freire kicked off an IndyGoGo campaign on Wednesday to get funds and attention for the first batch of 1000 drones. The first batch will ship in early 2015 and will go for $480 to $1,200. But when they become widely available, they will be cost between $800 and $1,700.


The PlexiDrones are meant primarily for photographers, but Freire hopes to find other uses.

“We’re working with a researcher who wants to create a metal detection halo. He wants to swarm these things together to find landmines.”

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